Thursday, April 2, 2009

Brandon & Jessica 3/15/2009 --->Wetv's BRIDEZILLA

BRIDEZILLA! Brandon & Jessica were brave enough to let a film crew take over their wedding day for WETv's Bridezilla! I can't wait for the episode to's going to be awesome! These two were soooo in love and sooo rock n roll! I can't wait to finish their pix! The wedding and reception took place at the Jupiter Beach Resort. Here are some teasers, ENJOY!


Anonymous said...

You did a GREAT job Alexi!! We love you!!!

Brandon & Jessica

Jessica should be ashamed of herself said...

You did a great job making the bride look beautiful when her behavior and treatment of people shows otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Get over it. It was a show and not all real. I am friends with the bride and she is not at all like that. If there wasn't drama you wouldn't watch!